residential design & home styling


URBANUS Interiors will work with you to develop design drawings  for your custom home new build, renovation or addition (including 3D modeling and renderings of your space). Our 3D computer assisted designs help clients communicate proposed renovation ideas with tradespeople.  This improves clarity, helping avoid potential misunderstandings in the planning stages. 


Where building permits or structural is required URBANUS will collaborate with an architect who has extensive experience in residential projects of different scales and architectural styles or we will work with an Architect of your choosing. This process is a collaborative method for designing which emphasizes the development of a holistic design. This process is what sets our services apart from firms who offer conventional building design which generally involves hand-offs from owner to designer/architect and  from builder to occupant. 


If you are selling your home we provide home staging, preparing your home to appeal to the highest number of potential buyers, selling your property quickly and for a more profitable return on your investment.