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Project Experience

Caroline St. Private Residences

URBANUS was approached by this client to deign the interior of their brand new condominium within the Caroline Street Private Residences, by Condo Culture, in Uptown Waterloo. The client wished to have a space that had a clean simple pallet with contemporary detailing. Specifically no art or accessories were wanted in the space. In order to utilize each square foot and create as much functionality within the space we designed custom built-in millwork. Visual interest and texture was added with oversized paneling for the walls of the open concept dining and living area. Shades of white are layered with natural wood accents and the view of the city becomes the art in the space. Behind some of the panels there are hidden storage cabinets and drawers.

The final design is a space with subdued elegance calm.

Interior Design by URBANUS Interiors

Contractor: Seamont Construction

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