company bio

"A sophisticated approach to design"

-URBANUS Interiors-

 URBANUS Interiors is a Canadian based design firm adept in producing a broad range of styles, creating sophisticated and functional interiors for a range of clientele. With award winning Principal, Rolanda Simone, as lead designer, URBANUS approaches each unique space with a solid design concept and the intent to create a stunning conversation-starting space that balances extravagance and approach-ability.


Rolanda Simone comes from a commercial interiors background in the educational and healthcare sector, long term care, hospitality and corporate design. A passion for interior design, art and fashion + fresh perspectives and solid formal training gives Rolanda her design edge. Extraordinary attention to detail and commitment to quality has won her national acclaim professionally and academically. Established in 2014 and now with 7 years project experience URBANUS has produced a  range of distinguished interiors that testify to the reputation of this Canadian-based designer. 

As an Intern member of ARIDO Rolanda brings the benefit of formal training in areas of health, safety and welfare for the public as well as training with regard to barrier free accessibility. There is a focus of ethics in the interior designer's field of practice that ensures the public interest is protected in terms of health and safety issues. 


“ARIDO members are bound by a Code of Ethics and Practice Standards. Adherence by ARIDO Members 

confirms to the industry that ARIDO members are committed to higher standards than non-members.... Members' compliance with the Code of Ethics ensures a consistent level of integrity and professionalism in all business relationships and it distinguishes ARIDO members.” - ARIDO (The Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario).