Knights of Columbus Brantford

institutional design


Interiors and furnishings play a key role in creating a universally accessible experience which is vital within the institutional environment. The concept of universal design emphasizing equitable and flexible use of facilities by all users/occupants regardless of physical or cognitive ability.


Where building permits or structural is required URBANUS will collaborate with an architect who has extensive experience in commercial design of different scales and functions or we will work with an Architect of your choosing. URBANUS will also collaborate with lighting experts where photometric study is required to ensure that proper lighting levels are acheived for optimal lighting conditions. This process is a collaborative method for designing which emphasizes the development of a holistic design. It requires owner/occupant & multi-disciplinary  participation from conception to completion in order to achieve your overall project objectives. This process is what sets our services apart from firms who offer conventional building design which generally involves hand-offs from owner to designer/architect and  from builder to occupant. This conventional method does not include all affected parties into the planning process, and therefore does not take into account their needs, areas of expertise or insights.