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Institutional design

The concept of universal design emphasizes equitable and flexible use of facilities by all users/occupants regardless of physical or cognitive ability. Functional programming plays a key role in creating a universally accessible experience which is vital within the institutional environment. 

Where building permits or structural is required URBANUS will collaborate with an architect who has extensive experience in commercial design of different scales and functions or we will work with an Architect of your choosing. We have experience collaborating with consultants from just about every area of design; lighting, sound, furnishings, building code, architects and engineers.

  • Millwork drawings

  • 3D computer modeling

  • Finishes selections

  • Millwork drawings

  • 3D computer modeling

  • Finishes selections

  • Site measurement 

  • Design drawings

  • Lighting plans

  • Workplace Planning

  • Human Centric Approach

  • Design charrettes 

  • Product sourcing

  • Furniture placement 

  • Systems furniture

  • Feasibility Study

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