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Project Experience

Oxford County CAS

Located in Woodstock, Oxford County, the 48,000sf facility houses over 100 staff members. The main atrium space features a stunning milky glass stair  creating  a light feeling of open space while providing modesty with the opaque glass. To address sound in this space a bamboo sound absorbing cladding system was used with a stunning dark wood finish. Colour blocking was used to create wayfinding for staff and client to indicate which areas are dedicated to private and public. Due to the stressful nature of the work taking place behind these walls, special consideration was taken to develop a colour pallet that would appeal to both staff and client, one that would invoke feelings of calm and regeneration. Elements of biophilic design include a green wall and natural sunlight that penetrates even the core of the building. One of the most playful elements of the design is a pedestrian with multicoloured glass panels that cast a beautiful light across the main floor.

Interior Design: Rolanda Simone (while employed w/MMMC) 

Architecture & Prime Consultant: MMMC Architects

Furniture Specification: Newcomb &Associates

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