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Project Experience

Blue Dog Café

Located in Paris, Ontario,  the Blue Dog Café is an example of a collaboration between client and designer. URBANUS was approached by the owners of Blue Dog Coffee Roasters, located in Brantford, to assist in the conceptual development of their up and coming express Café within Wincey Mills Farmer's Market in Paris Ontario. We collaborated to develop a visual concept that would not only fit within this historical building but would also give their new space its own branded identity. Furnishings and lighting were curated to create an edgy, fun environment that blended perfectly with it's surroundings. A black accent wall, black millwork and black menu boards were used to delineate the space and create borders and a very special custom painting, by a local artist and good friend to the owner, was hung at the center of the dining space.

Interior Design: URBANUS Interiors

Construction & Project Management: Owner/Blue Dog Cafe 

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